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Thank you for helping save these horses with your donations, sponsorship or adopting one outright.

Seal Rock Stables teamed up with The Wild Hearts Horse Rescue and The Oregon Animal Care Center to help save horses that have were frightened, sick, and injured due to poor living conditions on a ranch in Jefferson, Oregon. We rescued six foals and two pregnant mares, trusting in the support of the Seal Rock Stables to assist in caring for them. All current rescues adopted. Contributions will go towards our next rescue! You can donate using PayPal by clicking below:

Wild Hearts Horse Rescue

Please also consider making your donation a monthly gesture to insure that the nutrition and veterinary care these lovable animals so desperately need will be provided for until we can place each in a home of their own. And if you find one of our new guests particularly lovable, we invite you to adopt them as your own. Please contact us or visit the stables to share your love with these horses.

Rescued foal grabs a snack. Now adopted as "Mistii."

Beautiful gray mare might be foaling

Sweet, curious, and thankful for a clean home.

Click below to watch the KATU news story!

Gabriella with an 8 month old Arabian colt

Mackenzie with "Romi" our first adoption!

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