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Two Mustangs Extreme Mustang Makeover
Friday, 6 July 2012
Inigo in trail course at EMM

Posted by sealrockstables at 4:59 PM
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It's over!

I would love to gush over how the boys were, how wonderful they were. As good as at home, or better by the end. How they went from s

cared of humans to wanting people to pet them at expo! How Inigo made it and was actually ridden! How rock solid fezzik was! The silly drag that bothered him, when he normally drags like a champion. But I would rather sum up our story by letting you into their next faze of life...May they enjoy true partnership and many happy rides!

This was an email recieved today from Fezzik's owner: can assure you that I will not be returning or selling Fezz. I rode him last night and you have done a wonderful job with him. We had our lesson in the round pen, then moved to the river, then headed out back to the large arena and introduced him to all the surroundings. He then met the roping boxes and the cows. He became friends with one of the barn cats and they snuggled together. I wished I would have had a camera. Fezz will be rode about 4 four times a week and taken on many posse training rides in the mountains. I am absolutely thrilled with him. Once I got the feel for him I was able to relax and trot him everywhere. We loped a little and practiced our leads but my main goal was to desensitize him last night. He was perfect. My husband is very impressed and he has never owned a mustang but has trained about eight of them. He said they are certainly different in how you have to handle them and he wants me to be careful when working on his ground manners. Fezz tends to get distracted when I am on the ground like a toddler that wants to look everywhere. He forgets he has feet and wants to snuggle up and step a little too close. At first he seemed so strong but now I just step him back and remind him that my space needs respected. Other than that he took to the hose water and bath real well, fly spray good, picked his feet good. He had a small issue touching his ears but I think he just had to get to know me and now he is so good. Everyone loves him. If the other people who bought the other gelding that looks like Fezz end up not wanting him I would love the chance at purchasing him. Keep me posted how that horse is doing. It was a real struggle deciding which one I wanted. I loved them both for different reasons. Fezz is on the lazy side and the other horse had more get up and go which I like too.

You did a fantastic job training him and my husband was impressed. He has people bring horses to him for training and they tell my husband that they have had 90 days training and then to find out you cannot even saddle or tie them. So Fezz has had quality training and I appreciate that. I saw a yearling colt that will be auctioned off in August that I really wanted but I’m glad I can start riding now with Fezz.

Take care and you will probably hear from me quite often. I will send pictures when I can.


Posted by sealrockstables at 4:12 PM
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Thursday, 28 June 2012
extreme mustang makeover we are here!
tommarow schedual we work on our riding with  one horse at 9 the next at ten..then compete is fitting at noon. then three thirty next round and weston competes at seven..i have to ride him..ellie does her ride while they tally.   whew. the boys rode good today considering the comotion in the arena...i am already tierd.they have come so far...they are a pleasure to be around...

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:54 PM
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Sunday, 24 June 2012
a picture is worth how many words?

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:10 PM
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Friday, 22 June 2012
We must see the oportunity, not the excuse!

I am so proud of both my boys at this stage. Just so happy they are esy to be around and get things done with. Nice to handle hind feet, and putting blankies on both boys come over and put their noses through the cute. They have learned if nothing else people are good and fun! I am so worried about the rest of their lives it will be very hard to say good bye for sure.

From rearing and paniocking into corral panels to whinneying for me, and coming up to be caught. I have so many idea's at this point but I need to focus and collect up what we have and solidify..perfect. I am hoping if nothing else I have produced to more useful horses who will be deserving of forever homes! They are big solid beautiful horses! Big bold and bay!


Posted by sealrockstables at 4:47 PM
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Saturday, 16 June 2012
Beach combers parade!

The geldings both did the parade, thanks to my barn girls...Gabriella, and Katie. Katie rode Fezzik, and Gabriella lead Ini. They loaded into a new trailer with easy fro Ini..and in a few minutes Fezzik hopped in too! They were alert, but really just taking it all in. When the parade started they lined up and started with ease.

It never fails, they always have something crazy by the horses though! We were excited we were fallowing a trailer, so I decided to fallow with our truck/float to protect from behind. Of course the trailer we were fallowing also had a car full of kids throwing candy out. That even was fine, however the kids coming running up to the horses to get the candy was not so fun. I was very proud of this group of girls. Regan and Ellie had no issues controling their horses (they are 7 and 9)! Betsy has a rock steady walker, and then there are the wild boys. The did the first mile without much of anything at all.

Then the parade turns to a different route with divided hwy meaning we are 2 feet from the sidewalks...the mustangs did not love it for a bit, they trade sides and Inigo took on the crowd. Fezzik was not liking the huge dividers but on we went with ease. The end of the parade was the hardest part, Fezzik does not love cars and here they are all going right past, he just tenses a bit then relaxes. Ini was not found of something and stopped but then regained and was fine. Fezzik was so stressed he threw a 1 second fezzik tantrum, I laughed and Katie who was riding him looked at me and laughed. He reared an inch off the ground,to stomp them down and go on calm.

I am so proud of the girls, and the horses. Fezzik got to do lots of trotting, and loping around the grass prior to the parade too.

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:25 PM
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Sunday, 10 June 2012
The beach!

It was in great trepidation we headed for the beach. Ellie (my daughter) was so excited to go, she loves poker rides. I was not to excited to choose which mustang to ride. Both good boys, but I knew neither was ready for a beach ride of that magnitude. Fezzik it was, my lazy laid back reliable boy who mellows in 5 minutes in the arena. Poor Ini left home and board.

Fezzik loads great, sometimes looks at the trailer a second then hops right in. He unloaded and tied like a pro, was easy to saddle and bridle along the trailer. I was a worried wreak about someone coming around the trailer to quick and being kicked. He did no such thing. He was  very good. He was nervious leading through the people, and out to the beach. I am way too pansey to ride out and see what the wind brings. I fallowed Ellie out, I led him down the beach. He really drove my nuts out walking me, and leading everyone. A ways down the beach as people stopped walking at us, I got on...I cannot say I rode  long before I felt like dismounting as a group passed us. I rode down the beach, both of us very tense. I am not sure if I was tense because he was, or if he was because I was. I was stressed watching people in the group having trouble controling horses and decided Ellie and I were safest to lag behind and go at it just the two of us. It went well except when horses galloped up on us and passed. I have to admit to being ashamed of yelling at them. I was stressed, and let it out on them. However running past other riders is a huge trail NO! It makes the horses want to run too.

Fezzik tensed and I was off yelling at them until they said sorry they had no clue there were any rules (or basic human eticit ). Ops. We rode on down the beach with really no problems until at the mid point draw almost in horses magically apered behind us (right behind) I am not sure what happened....I think he wanted to react by bolting, but finding the bit he sat down. It was a bit funny, he got up and walked on embarassed by his reaction.

Heading back he did do one other minor who knows what I think he thought of bolting, tripped and fell to his knees. He sat  there shocked, I had a few seconds to think did I want to dismount, was he going to bronc to get up? Nah, he got up and walked on down the beach. He was funny as he wanted to lead the whole way and out walk Weston. He did not even need him for water crossings thank you so much. He was quite sure he did not really need any other horses which was nice.

We were buzzed all day by airplanes, helicopters, fallowed by boats, and passed by bikes.I have to say I am exsasted after walking 5 miles down the beach, but it went well! I was very proud of him.

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:08 PM
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Thursday, 7 June 2012
The tides the could be changing!

For the first time Fezzik had me a bit frustrated, and inigo was the golden child.

Fezzik was a bit hyper with the wind whipping through, rain blasting away and gutters pumping outt waterfalls. He was great though, walked eaisly, jogged all over. Had trouble holding his leads, he was off yesterday kust a hair, I am worried he has a stone bruise. RRRRR, not now. He was better today, but with lead issues I am wondering if he is being protective. He is such a safe easy guy though. W opked on turns some and called it an easy day.

INIGO! We cantered....yep it happened. I am feeling pretty sick so i have to admit I really wanted to just lounge him and call it a day. I walked along, did our streaches, and joged all over. Then determined to canter, we did a huge trot for close to thirty minutes trying everything....I gave and decided to try thr other direction. I was able to get it in half a lap! Let him walk and praised him. Tried it again and got in about a lap. tried to the right again, and got it with a few trotting laps first...He stayed calm, never thought of bucking or really anthing but stopping when we got off balance. He got the race horse finish praise today.

Posted by sealrockstables at 7:39 AM
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Monday, 4 June 2012
Colts then Codein..wheee

inigo is walking stoping and trotting well. Just starting some yeilding to legs. He is very balanced and forward. i can get a jog or extended trot. Tried for canter, not yet...maybe tommarow. He is gonna catch up I know it. He was letting go and taking deep breaths while we trotted all over. I spent all the time above a walk coughing.

Fezzik was good but lazy. His canter was soooo lazy. stops were good. He is getting the concept of turning over his hocks.

I was done dosed up and off to sleep.

Posted by sealrockstables at 9:00 AM
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Sunday, 3 June 2012
sick mom...poor boys no break!

My cold is moving well into my chest and I feel lovly. I am so lucky to have had friends in the area...Kids you gotta love them. Jessica Bishop's daughter Shelby was all to excited to ride both boys. Fezzik drove her crazy in no time she had spurs on him. He is a lazy fellow. He lope and trotted well was not fond of the spurs, but put up with them besides trying to kick it off him off him. He loves to stop. He is a sweet guy who was easy for a new rider...He is going to be the best all around horse.

Inigo had met his match. AFter me barly trotting him I am not sure he was ready for Shelby...She had him loping around after a buck and a few bolts into a fall...he was trotting out and loping. It was amazing to see him move. Everyone loves his canter, and balanced stops from the start. Also each time she used a hand at all while cantering he was doing lead changes by accident...I cannot wait to feel better....

Posted by sealrockstables at 2:42 PM
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