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Two Mustangs Extreme Mustang Makeover
Monday, 21 May 2012
The boys in the start! At the BLM corrals. this one is Inigo. this is Fezzik.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:08 PM
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Inigo and I are stuck in least it is not concrete. He really makes huge strides daily, and he is so fun to watch move...Awe inspiring and as nice as my friessian, no kidding. We are circling barly moving forward and he really wants to buck the whole time...I have a sad face today for him. He will get there, but I just don't know if he can do it on man's schedual. We are buzy pushy demanding creatures are we not.

Fezzik was a rock star. I was not feeling well or up to riding, and was coming up with excuses all day not to. Then at 8:40 I headed back up knowing I had to blanket them. I saddled up and sat up on him in the shaddow filled spooky arena. We walked both ways he seemed excited. That is not very Fezzik like. I decided after a week of no bit to try a combo bit...He was so soft and wonderful in it. We were jogging laps and figure 8's in the spooking dark half lit arena. I decided to try the poles, he loves rearanging them so much. I sit up there and he uses his feet to arrange them how he would like to have them to go over them. Today was the first time I felt like we were really riding, not just starting out!

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:56 PM
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What do I do to

Jennifer keeps asking what I do to horses, the hear my voice and gravitate towards me. I can tell you the answer now, but I shall have to kill you if you!Just kidding. I know they look for me, but I am looking at them too.

Whatdo I do to horses? I fall in love with every one of them. Enjoying their abilities, and accepting their flaws and limitations. It is a process, some take me longer than others. Of course my mental state makes this happen faster or slower. Is there a whole in your heart? Did you suffer a loss, are you ready for love? It is no different than dateing!

Noticing one another. Hanging out together, having fun, and when you don't you avoid one another. You make choices and changes or seperate. So many times we are not open to the love horses have to give, we are angry or scared, or loving someone else until there is no need for the horse.

I love Fezzik, and will I let them go. Will they be ready, I have no idea. I thought Buttercup was in no way ready!

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:46 PM
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The mustang games!

Shirt will be avalible for sale soon! Travis dfesigned the coolest sweatshirts! Everyone needs one to show your team support around and at the Extreme Mustang makeover.

View pch_mg_blk_hoodie.jpeg in slide show

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:38 PM
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In the beggining this is inigo i

Posted by sealrockstables at 10:09 AM
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Thursday, 17 May 2012
wolf teeth pulled
POOR BOYS..DR.Witclif pulled wolf teeth and a cap that had come off and was growing up into Inis mouth..ouch!

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:55 PM
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Fezzik is easy and safe..but stuck...I could get some trotting towards the gate with a great slow to walk quickly. JASON had to reinstall a bit of horse instincts as I had him ad dull and lazy trusting like a coone hound on the porch. He wad ready yo get in a dude string and pack begginers. Jasson put a little flight instinct into him shall we say. It was not easy for him as Fezzik fired big fast full kicks at him. I was amazing that not only did he not back Down; but he did not even flinch. He told me across the arena "Jasmine your gonna have to grow some." Well he was right. Scared people cannot teach. They are tough rough and quick to punish to stay safe.
Today was the test...did it help....or would I be stuck sitting g still in a mounth. NO!
I don't know where the fear went..but the sick slimy scared feeling was gone. I feel like me..(I cannot say I grew any-but I feel great.
I rode Ini today! I cannot say we were walking far...but we are able yo walk small circles...yeild and back. I was in no way nervous he was ok and so was I.
Fezzik was great we were able yo trotted endlessly around the arena...wonderful. He though in the beggining he would try yo buck as he did with Jason the day befVICTORY....and peace..a weight has liftedore.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:46 PM
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it is okay to ask for help!
I was stuck. I could sit on Inigo but I had to keep his head around tight or he was gonna blow. I have to admit after quite s few more than 8 second rides on BumbleBEE....I was scared. What a horrible feeling. Negative self talk in your head. All the wrong circling in your head while you feel fear coursing through your whole body. Excuses to stall or not do it...I even wanted to quit.considering throwing in the towel....getting help sounded like a viable option. I called around got names and no calls back.
Then my brain went back to a cowboy who use to ride three day eventing horses. Giant warblood more sensitive than a mouse. Jumping and dressage...and cattle work. I was praying he could help.
Jason Navel was in the middle of moving barns..but madevthe time. I told him the horse was ready to be ridden I was just pansy. I decided to bring Fezzik along for the ride too. (Along with a few barn friends) . It was amazing to sit in the sun amoung great friends..watchin

g a great hand make a connection. He rode through the bucks...though they were fir the most part slow and confussed bucks.He had him going trotting around the arena relaxing and turning....Now I really could not wait to ride him.
I was do excited with Inys work when he asked if I wanted him to ride my slow stuck Fezzik I said sure. My neice Katie and I were the only pepper to ride him to date.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:32 PM
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Saturday, 12 May 2012
Nothing ventured nothing gained

Inigo had a rough day. He was my focus from 9am to three! I saddled him, and he hopped off like it was the first time he wore a saddle. It was very frustrating to see him act that way. So I bitten him up, lounged. I did a few step ups and he was still full of it! So I took him along for a wonderful ride with Weston. He is so easy to lead, you would never know he is behind, except when he tries to bite Weston's bum. Naughty child. I brought him back and tried mounting again. I am stuck. When I am stuck it is for good reason. I just do not have all the answers.

I can sit on him as long as I keep his head at my knee. I won't let him out of the stance almost as if I am sure of what will happen. Katie said she would ride him if I help him. It went down about as I predicted. She got up and even though I said keep his head around, she thought oh well you have him and let him out. That  was a quick take off across the round pen, Poor katie lept for a rail. She got on and off about ten times more, but kept his head around. I ended up calling it a day.

Fezzik has been riding well in the round pen. I tried very hard to trot him, fallowing katie around the arena while she cantered. He walked. Today he finnaly trotted, with a few head tosses I had some nice trotting and stopping!

Posted by sealrockstables at 1:44 PM
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Friday, 11 May 2012
Lazy summer daze
Fezzik is now walking, and stoping well. I finnaly just started mounting and dismounting normal, no more scaling the wall. No more rail. I feel like I kicked off my training wheels! I am so proud he is just what I though. Laid back and smart, reasonable, and protective of me. I was getting a few trotting steps in the round pen, but then he decided I just wanted to walk. I wanted to try for more so we went for the big outdoor today.

Posted by sealrockstables at 3:58 PM
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