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Two Mustangs Extreme Mustang Makeover
Thursday, 17 May 2012
wolf teeth pulled
POOR BOYS..DR.Witclif pulled wolf teeth and a cap that had come off and was growing up into Inis mouth..ouch!

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:55 PM
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Fezzik is easy and safe..but stuck...I could get some trotting towards the gate with a great slow to walk quickly. JASON had to reinstall a bit of horse instincts as I had him ad dull and lazy trusting like a coone hound on the porch. He wad ready yo get in a dude string and pack begginers. Jasson put a little flight instinct into him shall we say. It was not easy for him as Fezzik fired big fast full kicks at him. I was amazing that not only did he not back Down; but he did not even flinch. He told me across the arena "Jasmine your gonna have to grow some." Well he was right. Scared people cannot teach. They are tough rough and quick to punish to stay safe.
Today was the test...did it help....or would I be stuck sitting g still in a mounth. NO!
I don't know where the fear went..but the sick slimy scared feeling was gone. I feel like me..(I cannot say I grew any-but I feel great.
I rode Ini today! I cannot say we were walking far...but we are able yo walk small circles...yeild and back. I was in no way nervous he was ok and so was I.
Fezzik was great we were able yo trotted endlessly around the arena...wonderful. He though in the beggining he would try yo buck as he did with Jason the day befVICTORY....and peace..a weight has liftedore.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:46 PM
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it is okay to ask for help!
I was stuck. I could sit on Inigo but I had to keep his head around tight or he was gonna blow. I have to admit after quite s few more than 8 second rides on BumbleBEE....I was scared. What a horrible feeling. Negative self talk in your head. All the wrong circling in your head while you feel fear coursing through your whole body. Excuses to stall or not do it...I even wanted to quit.considering throwing in the towel....getting help sounded like a viable option. I called around got names and no calls back.
Then my brain went back to a cowboy who use to ride three day eventing horses. Giant warblood more sensitive than a mouse. Jumping and dressage...and cattle work. I was praying he could help.
Jason Navel was in the middle of moving barns..but madevthe time. I told him the horse was ready to be ridden I was just pansy. I decided to bring Fezzik along for the ride too. (Along with a few barn friends) . It was amazing to sit in the sun amoung great friends..watchin

g a great hand make a connection. He rode through the bucks...though they were fir the most part slow and confussed bucks.He had him going trotting around the arena relaxing and turning....Now I really could not wait to ride him.
I was do excited with Inys work when he asked if I wanted him to ride my slow stuck Fezzik I said sure. My neice Katie and I were the only pepper to ride him to date.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:32 PM
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Saturday, 12 May 2012
Nothing ventured nothing gained

Inigo had a rough day. He was my focus from 9am to three! I saddled him, and he hopped off like it was the first time he wore a saddle. It was very frustrating to see him act that way. So I bitten him up, lounged. I did a few step ups and he was still full of it! So I took him along for a wonderful ride with Weston. He is so easy to lead, you would never know he is behind, except when he tries to bite Weston's bum. Naughty child. I brought him back and tried mounting again. I am stuck. When I am stuck it is for good reason. I just do not have all the answers.

I can sit on him as long as I keep his head at my knee. I won't let him out of the stance almost as if I am sure of what will happen. Katie said she would ride him if I help him. It went down about as I predicted. She got up and even though I said keep his head around, she thought oh well you have him and let him out. That  was a quick take off across the round pen, Poor katie lept for a rail. She got on and off about ten times more, but kept his head around. I ended up calling it a day.

Fezzik has been riding well in the round pen. I tried very hard to trot him, fallowing katie around the arena while she cantered. He walked. Today he finnaly trotted, with a few head tosses I had some nice trotting and stopping!

Posted by sealrockstables at 1:44 PM
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Friday, 11 May 2012
Lazy summer daze
Fezzik is now walking, and stoping well. I finnaly just started mounting and dismounting normal, no more scaling the wall. No more rail. I feel like I kicked off my training wheels! I am so proud he is just what I though. Laid back and smart, reasonable, and protective of me. I was getting a few trotting steps in the round pen, but then he decided I just wanted to walk. I wanted to try for more so we went for the big outdoor today.

Posted by sealrockstables at 3:58 PM
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Monday, 7 May 2012
Forward into battle!

having kids off to Disney land I set to really big goals. Ride both boys, and clean my house. I cannot wait to see what I get done first. I started both today! Fezzik is letting me walk and turn well in the round pen now. Stops and backs...nothing fancy but I am finnally mounting and dismounting normal. I had a very weird hard to describe experience today with him though. We had ridden along, my leading him from Weston for over an hour. Almost home, he must have been spooked by something. I watched him bolt away fast across our 80 acre field....befoer he disapered over the hill I yelled, at a loss of what else to do....FEZZIK. He stopped and turned to me and stopped. I rode Weston slowly over acroos the field towards him, and he stood like a stone and allowed me to gather him up. Off we went again. Farther down the hill a gelding came screaming up the hill, hollering and looking for the heard. Just relaesed by his owner. As he came running towards up, Fezzik reared up and challenged him. He was so serious. It was as if he was saying this is my heard stay away.

Jake the screaming horse did just that, turned and away he ran. Fezzik lowered his head relaxed and walked down the hill with us.

 Inigo is closer. We lounged bitted up quite a bit, and had some scessfull step ups off the side of him finnaly. I stood all the way up in the stirrup without him bloting away. I cannot say either of us was breathing, but we are closer.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:39 PM
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Thursday, 3 May 2012
In gods hands!

I was battling with some personal fear isues tangled deep in the boys work. After a few very hard mustangs I realized my core was shaken. Still chasing the cure for the last damaging kick recived over a year ago. I was holding back being cautious. Sitting on Fezzik forever holding a death grip on the rail as if it would save me. Asking my husband how do I not be afraid. How do i slow my heart rate, function and teach?

He is so wize! He said there just comes a point where your just going to have to pony up and do it or walk away. I was not happy, I think I chidded over that answer, easy for him to say. I did some crying and pouting.Then I heard him, really heard him, and myself. I tell people over and over I truly believe god puts each of these horses here in my path for a reason. Each and everyone of them teachs me more than I teach them. They all give me an answer I need to find in myself.

My answer are her I just have to wait and find the questions. I have to belive it is gods will I have these horses in my life for the time I have with them. To take a breath and let it be gods choice how it will go allows me not to worry and just do. What a revelation! What will be will be and hopefully my knowledge will carry me through.

The boys are doing amazing. Fezzik is walking and backing and turning in his stall. He is funny all the things that should bother mustangs don't bother him one bit! People, horseback riders, ect. He loves being brushed. I am getting closer to picking feet. I got one tonite. He thinks I want him to lay down so he flops down when I try to pick his feet up...oops. I only laid him down once. I am getting more comfotable with his hind end, walking behind him, and touching hinds.

Fezzik is a pig and loves grain. To him I equal grain, so good. He likes going out for walks and if I walk over it he will. He is so forward and pushy, but loving and smart!

Inigo....I knew he was coming! I warned everyone if I bought a Friesian I would get a mustang with action and presence that would rival him. I bought Dante before the contest and sure enough...Ini has a huge trot, with action a park horse would crave. Floats like a cloud. His canter is so beautiful. If he is moving no one looks away. He has a huge flowing mane and forlock, and great tail too! Such beauty.

He is wearing a saddle finnaly, blanket at night. He is easy and soft. Easy to lead and take around. Tonite I introduced him to a flag, and lounged him in the outdoor with kids riding. He did wonderful. I know we are not riding yet, but ground work in place we will be soon.

I dropped inigo's lead accidentally on the trail yesterday, and i said come here, and he trotted right up to me....too cute.

So I pray for forward motiona and will do all I can to be riding both as soon as possible.

Posted by sealrockstables at 5:37 PM
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Monday, 23 April 2012

As coach of the OHSET team I was spending the weekend at the meet, so why not take a few wild horses! I got the girls there and set up and headed hom to see if they would load. I decided to load inigo as I was more comfortable shutting his divider gate. I took a lounge attached to his lead up through the window and around to me back by him....He was tense at first of the trailer, but walked in within 5 minutes without any pressure. I was able to shut the divider with easee and tie him in for travel.

Fezzik was nervious too. I wanted to use the same method, but Be careful as Fezzik cannot be pushed or he may resist. He took his time and waited until I walked behind him with the lounge gave and waked it. I really thought he was going to kick the door as I shut it. He did not. I made sure to let both boys stand for 5 minutes before shutting door behind them, and another 5 before driving off. They hauled great. Would have never known they were there.

We arrived really late 9pm, (late for me), it was reasonable quiet at the meet. I was able to open untie and catch a nervious Fezzy and lead him right into the stall. He did hesitate in the door way a bit. I was so torn on bringing him as he has been tolerating me sitting on him in the eves.

Inigo took a little longer as I could not ge tahold of his rope. He was so tense and took longer to decide it was okay to go inside the stall. the noise of the place and buzyness were so great for the boys. So many people touched and loved on them too. Fezzik ate it up, but Inigo was not so sure. In the eves I was able to take them on walks around the fairgrounds. It was amazing,loads of noises, sights and people horses ect.

Inigo loved the grass really chowed down doing his part to mow the state fair grounds. We really even heard gun shots. I wandered over with both boys to sit by the cars at night.

It was so good for them. It really helped Ini figure some things out. He finnaly let me get a saddle quietly cinched on him. It was great. I could see he was a ticking bomb so I untacked him. Today I was able to resaddle, but when I left him saddled he had a panic tantrum then got it together. I let him wearr it for most of the morning. Then I took him out walked around with no bucking at all. I untacked and took him out for a walk.

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:04 PM
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Progress. I have been feeling so sad Inigo is so far behind Fezzik! tonite he was better about the saddle. I was able to throw the saddle over with cinch hanging without loosing him. I asked him to trot on the lead today and he just bounced along with me...I doubt Fez will do that so easy. He still does not love me bouncing around him, and he tried hard in one panic tantrum to get away, he is getting that he won't. I however am ready for a bank robbery with my burned hands. Just kidding.

I also had such a huge break through with his legs. He would not let me touch below his knee. I just kept at it. It is challenging as I have to hold his head and keep him from biting me...he thinks I want to play tyhe game where we bite each others feet out from one another. He allowed me to hold both frounts tonite...Yippy. Break through.

Fezzik is so great about saddleing and bridleing now. Still hard to lead some times as he gets frisky. I was a bit worried about picking up his feet simnce yesterday I decided to lay him down as he was walking all over me. He laid down all to happy and tryed to roll. He was actually so good about his frounts, I decided to venture to the hinds I fear so much. I ran my hand down and as always he did no move. I decided to push soft away until something happened at the hock area was the best manuver. He just gave soft and moved away.

Into his stall we went. He now understands step up to the fence. I sat on him, keeping both feet on the fence. I slid my leg over him several times keeping one foot on the fence. Pulled on the sturip, stepped on it leaned over him...then I just swug over and sat. It felt really nice and he could care less as usual. I stepped off knowing I will get him there. 

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:40 PM
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Sunday, 15 April 2012
pictures from today

Posted by sealrockstables at 6:01 PM
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